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Here you can specify order, invoice, shipment and credit memo ID's. Our editor will use these entities for template rendering.

If you have a few different payment or shipping methods and would like to test them, you can change ID at any time.

Where to find these ID's

Go to: Magento admin >> Sales >> Orders >> View (on the order in grid)
See below in the screenshot:

ORDER ID is in the blue rectangle.
ORDER INCREMENT ID is in the green rectangle.

Invoice, Shipment and Credit memo ID's you can find the same in respective pages:

  • Invoice: Magento admin panel >> Sales >> Invoices >> View 
  • Shipment: Magento admin panel >> Sales >> Shipments>> View 
  • Credit Memo: Magento admin panel >> Sales >> Credit Memos >> View 

There is no different which one you will use: ID or Increment ID.

If there is no any order in your store, create a dummy one.

Mass actions

This feature will let you update all transactional emails at once. Mass actions are located in system configuration. 

Go to: Magento admin panel >> System >> Configuration >> Responsive Email >> Mass actions

There are 4 actions:

  1. Create templates - this action will add templates to transactional email list
  2. Delete templates - this action will delete all transactional emails which was created by using MTEditor.
  3. Update sytem config - this action will replace all transactional emails in system configuration.
  4. Restore system config - this action will restore transactional emails system config.