Bar Rules

This article will be about how to manage bar rules. All rules you can find here:

Sales >> Abandoned Cart >> Bar Rules

If you want to create new rule, click the button "Add New Bar"

1.General Settings

  • Is Active - enable/disable a rule
  • Name -  rule name, visible only on the backend side
  • Priority - rule sort order. It might be two or more rules for one cart. The rule with the highest number goes the first.
  • Item QTY - item quantity in stock filter. Show a bar if some of the items has quantity less than this number. 0 - ignore a filter and show always.
  • Delay all triggers - How long to delay all triggers since last cart update. (in hours). 0 - no delay, 0.5 - 30 min.
  • Show after x Seconds - this will be started to calculate since page will be finished to load.
  • Hide after X Seconds - how many seconds show a bar. 0 - disable auto close.
  • Trigger on events - when show the bar. There are two events available:
    • on Schedule - this will be triggered after delay.
    • back to store - a bar shows if customer come back to store

2. Stores & Customer Groups

  • Apply in Stores - store filter. Select the stores where a rule will be active
  • Apply for customer group - customer group filter. this option is helpful if you want to extract some customer group from others for example to send email with bigger discount to VIP customers.

3. Bar settings

Here you can customize bar content. There is possible to change background color, font color, font size, and bar messages via admin panel. If there is need to change something more you can copy the file:
to your design directory:

You can make the changes in this new file.