Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned Cart Emails

CE: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x - 2.4.x

This extension lets you: 1. Send automated abandoned cart emails to visitors and customers. 2. Send automated order follow-up emails to customers who have submitted an order, but not yet paid for it. 3. Show a bar displaying a message across the top of the page.

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Cart abandonment is when a visitor adds at least one product to their cart, and then exits without making a purchase. Abandonment rates can be staggeringly high – according to some sources, up to 70%! This means that out of every 10 orders, only three are successfully completed. The easiest and most effective way to return those customers to your shop and recover a sale is to send abandoned cart and follow-up emails. It’s a great opportunity to increase your sales without making a big investment.

This extension lets you:

  • Send automated abandoned cart emails to visitors and customers
  • Send automated order follow-up emails to customers who have submitted an order, but not yet paid for it
  • Show a bar displaying a message across the top of the page.
  • All of these features can be used together or separately!

1. Abandoned cart emails

This feature lets you send automated abandoned cart emails to visitors and customers who have left your store with items still in their cart. You have the option to send different emails at different times. Here’s one example of how abandoned cart emails can be used:

  • Reminder email after 30 minutes
  • Discount with deadline after 1 day
  • Reminder about discount expiration and deadline after 2 days

You’ll usually find that sending a series of emails is usually more effective overall than sending just one. Abandoned cart rules include filtering by customer type, store and specific cart items. These filters allow you to create different rules for different visitor segments, enabling you to adapt the extension so that it works most effectively for your business model.

2. Order follow-up emails

We’ve also thought about what to do if an order has been submitted but not yet paid for. Our extension lets you send a series of emails to remind the customer that they haven’t yet finished the transaction – and they might miss out! Different emails can be sent depending on the payment method, customer type, store and order details.

3. Top bar

This feature displays a message across the top of page. It can be used in multiple ways: you can display the bar after a delay, or when a customer revisits the store. You can use it as a reminder that the customer has left some items in their cart, or as a ‘hurry up’ message and to encourage the customer to finish their order because some items are running out of stock.

Extension Features


The extension is flexible, and may be configured in many different ways! It offers a range of different filters that help you to reach your target audience. For example, by using the customer type, store and cart items filters.

Email address

The extension can capture an email address if the customer subscribes to a newsletter, registers, signs into their account or enters it on the checkout page. The email address will also be saved for future use.

Email chain

Sending a series of emails is usually more effective than sending just one. This extension lets you to send different emails atdifferent times to maximise their effectiveness.

Discount code

The extension lets you include a discount code in your emails. It uses the default Magento feature "Cart price rules" for code generation, so there’s no need to change anything on the cart or checkout page.

Cart recovery link

The extension offers the option of sending a recovery link via email, so that the cart can be restored even if a customer’s session has expired.

List of schedule

You’ll be able to follow and manage all abandoned cart and order follow-up messages. This is very helpful when you want to see what’s going on in the background on your shop.

Sample data

The extension comes with sample data to let you set it up more easily and start recovering those abandoned carts!

Cancel events

Abandoned cart and order follow-up emails can be cancelled by an event including the following: some or all of the items went out of stock, a new order or cart was created by the same visitor, a recovery link was clicked in the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the extension can be installed via Composer as follows:
- Add our composer repository:
composer config repositories.magetrend composer https://repo.magetrend.com
- After that, you can run composer require command:
composer require magetrend/module-name

module-name - you can find it in extension composer.json

If the extension was installed via Composer and the files are located in the vendor/magetrend/module-name directory, run the following ssh commands:
composer require magetrend/module-name:1.0.0
php bin/magento setup:upgrade;
php bin/magento setup:di:compile;
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy;

If, on the other hand, the extension was installed manually and the extension's files are located in app/code/Magetrend/ModuleName directory, simply:
- Extract the .zip archive
- Upload file’s content to: app/code/Magetrend/ModuleName
- Run the following ssh commands:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade;
php bin/magento setup:di:compile;
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f;

All ours extensions are completely open source. There is no encrypted file – so you can customise it as you like.

If you ordered the extension from our store as a registered customer, please login to your Magetrend account and go to the My Account >> My Extensions page.

If you ordered it from our store as guest, please click here

If you ordered it from Magento Marketplace, please click here

There are thousands of extensions in the market, so we can't guarantee compatibility with every single one – it's just impossible to test it with all of them. But when we develop our extensions, we try to avoid any elements that might conflict with other extensions.

In the event that our extension conflicts with a third-party extension, our support team will assist you and make any necessary changes for free.

If you're installing the extension manually, the extension's files must be uploaded to: app/code/Magetrend/ModuleName. You can always check the "ModuleName" in extension's registration.php file.


Fixed: Cancel if a link from an email was clicked event issue

  • Fixed: Magento 2.4.3 compatibility
  • Added: An option to load sample extension data via system config
  • Fixed error: main.CRITICAL: The element 'adminhtml.abandonedcart.cart.rule.grid.columnSet' already has a child with alias 'name'
  • Fixed: cancel email if new order created
  • Fixed: Missing tax in price of email item
  • Fixed: The stock item with the "14" ID wasn't found. Verify the ID and try again.
  • Fixed: Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in

- Magento 2.4 compatibility changes

Abandoned Cart Emails
Abandoned Cart Emails