All extension settings you can find here:

System >> Configuration >> Magetrend Extensions >> Newsletter  Popup (FREE).

Popup Settings

  1. Show popup – enables or disables popup window.
  2. Theme – popup theme. You can choose from 2 themes:2    4
  3. Title row 1/ Title row 2/ Text – popup information
  4. Cookie Name – Name of cookie. If you change this, popup will show again for all customers.
  5. Cookie Lifetime (days) – Life time of cookie. After this time, popup will show again.

Coupon settings

  1. Is Active – enables or disables coupon function.
  2. Shopping Cart Price Rule – there is a function which joines your coupon and newsletter.
  3. Length – Coupon code's length, excluding prefix, suffix, and separators.
  4. Format – Coupon code's format.
  5. Prefix/Sufix/Dash – Coupon code's settings.