Creating new popup

Before creating new campaign you have to create popup. Popups' management page:

Marketing >> Exit Offer >> Popup

If you want to create new popup, press on the right side of the "Add new Popup" button and then choose popup content type. There are 4 different types:
- Newsletter Subscription Form
- Static CMS block
- YES/NO buttons
- Contact form

General Settings

  1. Name - popup name, identifier in the list.

Popup Settings

  1. Theme – popup theme.magento-2-eop-extension-popup-theme-1
    1. image - Default Theme.
  2. Disable Auto Position on Mobile Devices - set this option to YES if your magento template is not responsive.

Discount Coupon

  1. Is Active - enable/disable discount coupon feature.
  2. Show in Popup - show/not show discount code instantly in the popup after subscription
  3. Cart Price Rule - new coupon code will be created by this rule.
  4. Length – Coupon code's length, excluding prefix, suffix, and separators.
  5. Code Format - Coupon code's format
  6. Code Prefix/Code Suffix/Dash – Coupon code's settings.

Additional Fields

If you want to add new field, press the button "Add New Field"

  1. Field Name - identifier. It will be used in transactional email template. Should be without spaces, lowercase and for word separation to use "_" character.
    The name of field "First Name" must be "firstname"
    The name of field "Last Name" must be "lastname"
  2. Field Label - frontend label. E.g. First Name, Message...
  3. Input Type - Type could be "text" type like email field, drop down, textarea (for message) and checkbox.
  4. Required - Must to be filled in form or not.
  5. After Email Field - Check it if you want to add field after email field.


  1. Text Line 1 ... n - popup texts.
  2. Color 1 ... n - popup colors.
    You can find more beautiful colors here:

Contact form settngs

This tab will be visible only for content type "Contact form"

  1. Email Template - This template will be used for sending messages to the email.
  2. Sender Name - It could be your store name for example: "Magetrend"
  3. Send Emails To – The emails will be send to this address.
  4. Default subject – The subject of the email. If you will not add "Subject" field to the form, default subject will be used instead of it.