Creating new campaign

Note! Before creating new campaign you have to create popup. Information how to create popup is here: Creating new popup

Campaigns’ management page:

Marketing >> Exit Offer >> Campaign

If you want to create new campaign, press “Create New Campaign” button.

General Settings

  1. Is Active – enable / disable campaign.
  2. Campaign Name - identifier in the list.
  3. Start at - campaign start date.
  4. End at - campaign end date.
  5. Show in Stores - list of stores where campaign will be active.
  6. Show in Pages - list of pages where popup will show.
  7. Required Params - Show popup only if it will match flowing params. E.g. utm_campaign=magetrend&utm_medium=default. Use "&" for separation.

Popup Settings

  1. Popup – list of existing popups.
  2. Close after Click on Popup Layer - if this option is enabled and if customer click on popup background layer than the popup will close.
  3. Show popup again after X days - campaign cookie lifetime
  4. Show in the Last Tab - If this feature is enabled, popup will show then customer will try to leave the last browser tab.