Other Settings

General extension settings are under the path

Stores >> Configuration >> Magetrend Extensions >> Affiliate

General Settings

  1. Is Active - enable/disable extension
  2. Referral Code Length - a length of referral code. This option will be used for new referral codes only.

Withdrawal Settings

  1. Minimum withdraw amount –  Minimum amount which affiliate can request to withdraw. Amount is in base store currency.
  2. Hold money for X days - this feature allows you to place an affiliate’s commission on hold for x days. This can be a useful safeguard if your store allows customers to cancel under a money-back guarantee, or you accept ‘cash on delivery’ as a payment method. X - can be integer or decimal.

Registration Settings

  1. Registration Form - affiliate application form. To add or edit form, go to: Marketing >> Affiliate >> Registration Form
  2. Default Affiliate Program - these programs will be assigned automatically for new affiliates.
  3. Create account automatically - if this option is set to YES, all new applications will be confirmed automatically. If NO - you will have to review application form and confirm it manually.
  4. Confirmation Email Template - Confirmation email, about successful application submission, template.
  5. Welcome Email Template - welcome email for new affiliates if account was already created on store before.
  6. Create Account Password - welcome email for new affiliates if affiliate don't have account on store. It includes instruction how to create a password.

Email Settings

  1. Send Name - use this name as a sender name.
  2. Send Email - send emails from this email.