Responsive Emails

Responsive Magento transactional email templates with user-friendly template editor.
Creating customer email messages was never so easy! This extension lets you create, edit, translate and test Magento transactional emails - all responsive and ready for mobile. Many customers check their email using phones and tablets, so you can make sure they do it in comfort.

Extension version 1.4.9
Magento Community Edition 1.6.x - 1.7.x - 1.8.x - 1.9.x
Looking for Magento 2 version? It's here!

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Responsive emails for Magento

This extension lets you create, edit, translate and test Magento transactional emails. It's never been so easy! All emails are responsive and ready for mobiles. Many customers check their email using phones and tablets, so you can make sure they do it in comfort .

All templates have been tested using the following email clients: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iPhone Mail app, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and AOL.

MT Editor is a user-friendly editor for email templates. It makes it easy to you customize your transactional email templates from within Magento, so there’s no need to leave the admin panel.


26 ready-made templates

  • pictureThe extension comes with 26 ready-to-use, responsive email templates.
  • pictureIt’s easy to replace the default Magento templates, and there’s a mass action feature for template management.
  • picture These templates work the same way as the default Magento templates, so they’re compatible with the other extensions.

Extension Features

Editable content

Edit email content directly in preview mode - there’s no need to use incomprehensible HTML.

editable content


A testing tool is included, so there’s no need to save your test and enter an email address every time.

testing emails


It's easy to change the colors of email backgrounds, fonts, buttons and tables. New colors will be automatically added to the color picker.

Apply to all

There’s no need to make the changes to every template individually. This feature lets you globally update them all.

Save to all

Drag and drop the blocks

An easy way to create and update email layouts using drag and drop!

Drag and drop

Preview mode

There’s a mobile and full screen preview mode for testing your results.

mobile preview


Posted on 5/4/2017

"Die Extension hat uns das Leben echt leichter gemacht. Sie ist gut durchdacht und man kann die Emails, selbst als Anfänger, einfach und schnell gestalten und bearbeiten. Allein die Testfunktion mit der man sich die Email mal zuschicken kann ist super. Super ist auch die Möglichkeit sich die Email als reinen Text anzuschauen und zu bearbeiten. Der Support ist übrigens auch klasse! Vielen Dank und macht weiter so!"


Posted on 6/29/2016
Magento Connect

"An extension the only one of its kind – and you cannot not be without it!
We are setting up Multi Store Shop with multiple languages. What a surprise we got when starting to work with the transactional emails, templates are updated to responsive in Magento standard but only for the US language.

The other hassle was to move those templates to local languages folders and have them localized for all our languages, you can guess the work when dealing with some 10+ languages! And there is no editor so it’s kind of time consuming to work with!

So happy to come across the Responsive Email extension from Magetrend – and not only that, the support team just dazed me with their prompt feedback and willingness to add some extra features like enabling you to use and create localized templates in the editor.

This will save us tons of time! And it’s so easy so I can hand over the backend editor to like anyone to create all transactional email templates for each of our languages.
Thanks for making our life so much easier!"


Posted on 6/23/2016
Magento Connect

"Awesome plugin with great support from Edwin! Problems were solved quickly!"


Posted on 4/20/2016
Magento Connect

"We're using the rather older Magento version, but even when we had launched in 2012, we already launched it with a responsive theme on the frontend.

But the transactional emails? Right out of the box the Magento standard templates are awful. You have to work hard to remove anything magento related, such as the logo, the bogus phone number and email address and much more. And the worst part, the emails are not responsive and do not look very good on mobile phones.

The responsive templates and the WYSIWYG Editor "MTEditor" are just so simple to use and solve all the issues.

This is a MUST HAVE Extension, it is so great, I would have even paid double the price!

PLUS: The developer support is great. We had a small issue and it was solved in under an hour.

TIPP to the developer: let the user access the source code of the templates, currently this is only possible via the database."


Posted on 11/11/2015
Magento Connect

"I had some issues with the invoice template, but it was fixed quickly and without any charges.

Thanks a lot and very good extension and easy to use."


Posted on 11/8/2015
Magento Connect

"We've installed this module and are fully satisfied with the editor possibilities. Having some minor issues due to our special configuration that support adressed within minutes... install it in a second store as well but was not the best time to start modifying the emails due to a new ERP connection that will manage that and the MT team refund us without problems..."

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