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This extension displays a popup containing a subscription form, once per customer. It includes an invitation to subscribe and receive a free discount coupon code.

Extension version 1.8.1
Magento Community Edition 1.4.x - 1.5.x - 1.6.x - 1.7.x - 1.8.x - 1.9.x
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Newsletter Popup for Magento

How does it work? The extension displays a popup containing a subscription, once per customer. It includes an invitation to subscribe and receive a free discount coupon code (e.g. 5 euro off a purchase).

Because the customer is offered a discount, there’s a bigger chance they’ll complete the order. Moreover, you’ll have the customer’s email to send newsletters with your latest offers.

It’s a win-win offer! The extension can be used to improve sales conversion rates and build your newsletter subscriber list. The customer wins, with a discount on their next order. And the shop owner wins, with higher sales conversion rates and a bigger subscriber list. It’s probably it’s the most effective method to build your newsletter subscriber list, with a potential increase of over 300%..

This method is tested and widely used. The extension is compatible with the Mailchimp email service, and works with the Mailchimp for Magento extension.

GDPR Compliance

The extension is in compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It lets you to add opt-in checkbox into a subscription form and make it required. The following information can be collected as evidence to proof about subscription, by using hidden form fields:

  • - where the subscription was made - subscription source, for example: popup
  • - when it was made - it saves subscription date and time.
  • - what they were told at the time of consent - it let's you to save terms & conditions, privacy policy versions.


Responsive, flexible, mult-language

The extension contains loads of features that make it special!

  • pictureIt comes with three responsive popup themes. It’s easy to change popup colors and translate popup content via the admin panel.
  • picture The extension works with multi-stores and multi-languages shops.
  • picture And because it uses the default Magento shopping cart price rules, all discount codes will work without any changes to the cart or checkout.

Extension Features

Additional popup fields

Create additionals fields to help you find out more about your customers.

Social links

This feature helps you get more likes and subscribers on social networks

Popup delay time

The PRO version includes a popup delay function, so your customer gets to see your store first. Only after that is the popup loaded.

Activity Reports

Reports let you follow progress and see results. Two are available: "Subscriptions per Day" and "Generated/Used Discount Codes".

Show coupon instant

Show coupon code instantly after subscription (optional)


It’s easy to change popup colors using the Magento admin panel.


Posted on 7/28/2016

"Excellent newsletter popup extension, works perfectly. Great value for the money, it is very versatile and easily to adapt to your own needs. Top notch support service, definitely recommended!"


Posted on 7/13/2016

"Extension works exactly the way you want it to work, had a question and the support helped me out very quickly, great!"


Posted on 5/19/2016

"Let me first say that I have never written a review for any other extension that I have purchased. However, this module was so well made and installed with no issues and no console errors I just had to write one. This module is great and suits my needs perfectly.

I will definitely buy more extensions from MageTrend. Way to go!"


Posted on 5/19/2016
Magento Connect

"I'm very satisfied with purchase of Pro version of this module and the support of Edwin is precious. Without his support I would be lost because I'm using Ultimo theme and he helped me with some needed customizations.

I'm using Magento version"


Posted on 12/1/2015
Magento Connect

"After installing the plugin I had some issues with 2 themes I use, but after some great support from MageTrend all is working very nice.

Thanks Edwin for the very fast support a 10 out of 10."


Posted on 11/2/2015
Magento Connect

"I tested this extension in my development site and its working as it say but I had faced error in my live site magento version is 1.9.1.

Since the Support is superb so no problem, a quick support fixed within 15 minutes.

I highly recommended this extension anyone looking for newsletter subscription."


Posted on 10/19/2015
Magento Connect

"The extension works really well and the service was just awesome. My extension was up on running the same day i bought it with great support from MageTrend."


Posted on 10/6/2015
Magento Connect

"This extension does exactly what is says. It's easy to use and configure. If there's something you don't understand the support will help you perfectly. There's response is super fast and very useful."


Posted on 9/7/2015
Magento Connect

"I've been using the free version for some few months ago. I upgraded to the pro over the weekend, had a little technical issues and the support i got from Edwin was beyond my expectation.

I couldn't agree more that this is the best $39 i ever spent on extension. Great support hands down.

Thanks once again Edwin"

Altaf Hussain

Posted on 8/7/2015
Magento Connect

"We are using this module at our website at . We had some issues with other modules which were causing problems and due to which this module was not working fine. I contacted the developer and got reply in a few minutes (got surprised).

After that, they analyzed our website modules, and asked us to update the problematic modules with some extra settings, and after doing so, the module started to work 100% as described.

Thanks for a great module and awesome support."


Posted on 7/8/2015
Magento Connect

"Super module and Edwin was extremely responsive and even added a feature to the module for free after I enquired about it. Can definitely recommend!"


Posted on 6/11/2015
Magento Connect

"I have used the free version of this extension a few times and am now using the Pro version. It works great, and their support helped me with an issue with getting the Coupon Codes into Mailchimp. Very satisfied."


Posted on 5/27/2015
Magento Connect

"I recommend this extension and Edwin!
Edwin is very helpful, top customer support, you resolved for me a bug in mailchimp extension.
The extension is really easy to configure and is a really good marketing tool for getting new subscribers."


Posted on 5/20/2015
Magento Connect

"The extension itself is great and we had a little issue with the typed words not showing which turned out to be font size issue but got an answer in minutes from the developer. Definitely satisfied!"


Posted on 5/5/2015
Magento Connect

"I recommend this extension and Edwin was very helpful, top customer support, this is the kind of people you want to do business with.

Thanks, Tiago."


Posted on 5/2/2015
Magento Connect

"Very easy to install, very good support. I got even extra information from the support team to customize the popup even more.

Magento ver. user"


Posted on 4/8/2015
Magento Connect

"This is what I was looking for and it is working as specified in the documentation.Support was excellent. Keep it up."


Posted on 3/26/2015
Magento Connect

"I had some issues with installing this extension, but support is helpful. These issues were site related, not extension related.

The extension is really easy to configure and is a really good marketing tool for getting new subscribers."


Posted on 1/23/2015
Magento Connect

"The extension has many features and is easy to manage as well as customizing."


Posted on 1/18/2015
Magento Connect

"We purchased the extension and installed on our site without any problems. But we wanted to have it customized to fit our purpose, so we contacted support (on weekend), Edvin updated and modified the extension right away and kept us posted during the process. It's a very good experience for us.

We have checked out other newsletter extensions and we are very happy to have decided on this.

The PRO version has the delay popup function that allows users to spend enough time checking out the site."

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