Responsive Emails

Responsive Magento transactional email templates with user-friendly template editor.
Creating customer email messages was never so easy! This extension lets you create, edit, translate and test Magento transactional emails - all responsive and ready for mobile. Many customers check their email using phones and tablets, so you can make sure they do it in comfort.

Extension version 1.1.11
Magento Community Edition 2.1.x - 2.2.x

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Responsive emails for Magento 2

This extension lets you create, edit, translate and test Magento transactional emails. It's never been so easy! All emails are responsive and ready for mobiles. Many customers check their email using phones and tablets, so you can make sure they do it in comfort .

All templates have been tested using the following email clients: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iPhone Mail app, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and AOL.

MT Editor is a user-friendly editor for email templates. It makes it easy to you customize your transactional email templates from within Magento, so there’s no need to leave the admin panel.


31 ready-made templates

  • pictureThe extension comes with 31 ready-to-use, responsive email templates.
  • pictureIt’s easy to replace the default Magento templates, and there’s a mass action feature for template management.
  • picture These templates work the same way as the default Magento templates, so they’re compatible with the other extensions.

Extension Features

Editable content

Edit email content directly in preview mode - there’s no need to use incomprehensible HTML.

editable content


A testing tool is included, so there’s no need to save your test and enter an email address every time.

testing emails


It's easy to change the colors of email backgrounds, fonts, buttons and tables. New colors will be automatically added to the color picker.

Apply to all

There’s no need to make the changes to every template individually. This feature lets you globally update them all.

Save to all

Drag and drop the blocks

An easy way to create and update email layouts using drag and drop!

Drag and drop

Preview mode

There’s a mobile and full screen preview mode for testing your results.

mobile preview

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Posted on 11/3/2017
Magento Marketplace

"Saved me tons of work! Dev is friendly and helped out fixing an issue."


Posted on 10/26/2017

"This extension is a must have for anyone who cares about how your customers view emails on their mobile or tablet. I have paid 3 freelancers prior to finding this extension with no luck. Boy I am I glad I did! The support and download was fast and customer service was amazing. This is great for customizing email text, layout, font color, buttons style etc. It is easy drag and drop feature and you can also preview how it will looks on the mobile and desktop prior to saving any changes. One unique feature that I really like is that any changes that you make in one email you have the option of applying it to all emails. This saves so much time and when running a business you need as much time as possible. I highly recommend this extension and company. This is extension is definitely worth every penny."

Martin Jan

Posted on 7/1/2017
Magento Marketplace

"The default Magento 2 transactional emails made me cry. This module saved me hours and hours of work. And it has great support!"

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