New Schedule

To set new schedule go to the page:

Marketing >> Scheduler >> Manage Schedules >> New Schedule

It's possible to choose from 4 different schedule type: product, category, cms page and cms block. Choose one depends on what you want to update.

1. General settings

  1. Enabled - endable/disable schedule. If the schedule is disabled it won't be executed by cron regardless of schedule status.
  2. Schedule Status - schedule status will be assigned automatically depends on schedule state:
  3. Start Date - Date and time when to process changes
  4. End Date - (Optional) If the end date is set, after this date the objects data will be reverted from backups.
  5. Stores - If an attributes scope is store, it can be updated in store level, like product or category status. In other cases use All store views option.
  6. Name - Name of schedule. Visible only in backend side and notifications
  7. Description - Space for notices

2. Actions

Depends on schedule type, it shows different fields. Here you can set what to update on schedule

  1. Product Special Price - here you can set new product special price. It can be calculated automatically from main product price. The extension allows you to discount fixed or percentage amount of main price.
  2. Product Status - here you can enable / disable product on schedule
  3. Product Stock Status - here you can update product stock status.
  4. Product Categories - Here you can manage products in category on schedule.
  5. Category Status - enable / disable category on schedule
  6. CMS Block Status - enable / disable cms block on schedule
  7. CMS Page Status - enable / disable cms page on schedule