Manage Attributes

To add new attribute go to the page:

Sales >> Order Attributes >> Manage Attributes >> Add New Attribute

1. Properties tab >> Attribute properties 

  1. Attribute Code - attribute code must contain only a-z and numbers. For separation please use "_" symbol, for example: deliery_time
  2. Default Label - default attribute label, commonly used on backend
  3. Values Required - Choose "Yes" or "Frontend Only", if the field must be filled.
  4. Input Type - there are available 10 different field types:
    1. Text Field - simple text input field
    2. Textarea - field for longer message
    3. Drop Down - or select box. It lets to choose one option from the list.
    4. Multi Select - It lets to choose one or more options from the list
    5. Yes/No - It lets to choose only one from two options: YES or NO.
    6. Date - input type for date
    7. Time - input type for time
    8. Date & Time - input type for full date with time
    9. Checkbox - It lets to select one or more options from the list. A field can have one or more options. It also can be used for some agreements like "I agree" box.
    10. Radio - It lets to select only one option from the list.

2. Properties Tab >>Advanced Attribute Properties 

The advanced attribute properties depends on input type.

  1. Is Editable on Backend - if the option is enabled, you will be able to modify the data after checkout via administration side.
  2. Default Value - here you can set default value. (Text Field, Textarea)
  3. Input Validation - here you can choose field validation rule. (Text Field, Textarea)
  4. Source Model - if you need to have dynamic options list for example: product list from some category, you can create your own source class and enter source class name in this field. (Drop Down, Multi select, Checkbox, Radio)
  5. List Style - It has two options: vertical or horizontal. If you want to keep radio or checkbox options in one line use horizontal. Vertical listing is default.  (Radio, Checkbox)

3. Display Settings Tab >> Frontend Settings

Here you can choose where the extra custom fields and collected information will be displayed.

  1. Checkout Page - Choose "Yes" if you want to add extra custom field in checkout. To choose checkout position: Display Settings >> Advanced Display Settings >> Position on Checkout
  2. Customer Order View,  Customer Invoice View,  Customer Shipment View,  Customer Credit memo View - display settings for customer pages. Choose where to display collected information

3. Display Settings Tab >> Backend Settings

  1. Order View, Invoice View, Shipment View, Credit Memo View - here you can choose,  to display or not, collected information on preview page.
  2. Order Grid, Invoice Grid, Shipment Grid, Credit Memo Grid - here you can choose, to display or not, collected information on listing page

4. Display Settings Tab >> General Settings

  1. Order Email, Invoice Email, Shipment Email, Credit Memo Email - here you can enable choose,  to display or not, collected information on email.
  2. Invoice PDF, Shipment PDF, Credit Memo PDF - here you can choose,  to display or not, collected information on PDF.

5. Display Settings Tab >> Advanced Display Settings

  1. Sort Order - Order attribute sorting number. The attribute with the lowest number goes the first.
  2. Hide Label - show / hide field label in form
  3. Show in Stores - stores filter.
  4. Customer groups - customer groups filter
  5. Position on checkout - The fields is optional and shows only if Frontend Settings >> Checkout Page is set to YES.  There are available 9 locations in checkout
    1. Billing Address
    2. Shipping Address
    3. Before Shipping Method
    4. After Shipping Method
    5. Before Payment Method
    6. After Payment Method
    7. Before Place Order Button
    8. Order Summary Before Items
    9. Order Summary After Items