Gift Card Sets

Gift card set is a group of gift cards which has the same gift cards options for example: initial value, currency, template. They will be assigned to gift card product. Set's management page:

Products >> Gift Card >> Gift Card Set

Creating New Gift Card Set

If you want to create new gift card set, press the button "Create New Set".
Below is explained form fields meanings.

General Settings

  1. Name - gift cards' set identifier.
  2. Gift Card Template - List of gift card template. How to create new template you can find here!
  3. Currency - Gift card balance currency.
  4. Gift Card Balance - Initial gift card value.
  5. Available on Stores - Store list where gift card will be available for redeem.
  6. Gift Card Life Time - How many days gift card will be active after purchase. 0 - no expiration period. Default: 365 (1 year)

Code Settings

Defaults gift card’s code format settings.

  1. Code Length - gift card’s code length in characters. For example: 8, 12
  2. Dash - Gift card’s code separator. If you will enter “Code Length”=8 and “Dash Every X Characters”=4 then your code looks like this: “0000-0000”.
  3. Code Format - gift card’s code can be generated using numbers or letters, or both numbers and letters
  4. Code Prefix - gift card’s code prefix. For example: xmas-
  5. Code Suffix - gift card code’s suffix. For example -2017

Gift Card Generator

This tab is visible then gift card set is saved.

  1. Gift Card Qty - amounts of gift card

Enter Gift card quantity and press "Generate" button. After this action gift card will be generated.
Gift cards will be generated automatically if gift card product type will be "Virtual".