Cart Rules

This article will be about how to manage abandoned cart rules. All abandoned cart rules you can find here:

Sales >> Abandoned Cart >> Cart Rules

If you want to create new rule, click the button "Add New Rule"

1.General settings

  • Is Active - enable/disable a rule
  • Name -  rule name, visible only on the backend side
  • Priority - rule sort order. It might be two or more rules for one cart. The rule with the highest number goes the first.
  • Cancel if - there is possible to cancel all scheduled abandoned cart emails by events:
    • New cart was created -  customer was back to store and created new cart
    • New order was placed - customer placed new order
    • A link from email was clicked - customer clicked on the link in email
    • Some products went out of stock - don't send an email if some of products  which was added to customer cart are out of stock
    • All products went out of stock - don't send an email if all products which was added to customer cart are out of stock

2. Stores & Customer Groups

  • Apply in Stores - store filter. Select the stores where a rule will be active
  • Apply for customer group - customer group filter. this option is helpful if you want to extract some customer group from others for example to send email with bigger discount to VIP customers.

3. Schedule

Here you can manage what emails and when will be send.

  • Email template - available email templates. If you want to add custom email template you can create new template here: Marketing  >> Email Templates >> Add new template
  • Send after / Email Delay - delay time is starting calculating since the first product was added to cart.
  • Discount rule - discount code will be generated by this rule. If you want to create new rule, go to: Marketing >> Cart Price Rules >> Add New Rule

4. Conditions

The rule will be available if it will meet the conditions described in the tab. Leave blank if you don't want to filter a cart by these conditions.

5. Discount Code Settings

  • Expired in days - how many days coupon is valid since first email will be send.
  • Length – Coupon code's length, excluding prefix, suffix, and separators.
  • Code Format - Coupon code's format
  • Code Prefix/Code Suffix/Dash – Coupon code's settings.